Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Library Sketches on a Perfect Summer Day

Sketches direct from my watercolor sketchbook. 
It was another beautiful sunny-breezy day out, 
but there we were, indoors, in the quiet Reading Room 
of the Camden Public Library. 
ANY day of the year is a good day for the library in my book!
And some people have their work to do, no matter the weather...
Here's the thing about using water in the library: 
You have to be very, very careful, especially when there are big majestic oak tables.
(Bring lots of paper towels & baggies.)


  1. Looks like a beautiful library! I love being in a library in summer. I think it reminds me of summer reading programs when I was young and when my kids were little. I've also lost my blog reading list :(

  2. I agree--every day is a good day for the library! Especially one as pretty as this one. I really like your sketching style, and I always check out your posts, even though I don't always comment.

  3. i love that 2nd one of the woman reading!

    lots of folks have been posting or commenting about the loss of their blog roll. i use a separate feed reader to read my blogs, thankfully.

  4. Rita -- A good library is worth its weight in gold. A reading room in a library is just frosting on the cake. You are fortunate to have such. I have found in my travels and moves that there are libraries and there are LIBRARIES. I am a dedicated library user but have been in a couple libraries that turn me off. Your sketches catch the ambiance of your library -- barbara

  5. My reading list is lost too..Apparently Blogger is into trying to fix it.
    I just painted a few wee things here..and thought of you so came directly.

    Wonderful paintings..You have a GREAT eye.
    What a beautiful library Rita..We have a cute old one in town..have not been in ages..should renew..
    I wonder if I would have the courage to ake out paints in a library..
    I think i would if I painted like you.
    It's not pretty here today..It is a holiday..
    St-Jean Baptiste day..but not pretty..This morning I planted lupine seeds:)

  6. Lovely post how you've captured that lady sitting comfortably, engrossed in reading her book.
    I too had lost my reading list but thankfully it came back this morning. I'd started to go through my list of favourite blogs & subscribed to follow by email, then I discovered that you don't have a follow by email. Thank goodness blogger has fixed whatever it was.
    Thank you for your kind get well wishes you sent on my last post. I'm slowly getting better each day I see a little improvement.

  7. You capture the coziness of this place so well . . . I'd love to see more of it and of the 'characters' who visit it . . .

  8. Love this post. I too love libraries and I love your watercolors!!

  9. I can imagine your watercolors might make some librarian nervous...but I think the results should be displayed.

  10. I love your library sketches. Have you ever considered having them printed into blank greeting cards?


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