Friday, June 27, 2014

Painted Paper Building Blocks: The Series

The painted paper building blocks are forming a series, 
as Barbara (Folkways Notebook) mentioned in her comment
on the previous post.

The 4th image no longer exists because it was too chaotic for me, 
even though the text inserted into it is about BALANCE. 
It morphed into the first two.

This is most definitely a natural form of art for children, 
as Monique (La Table de Nana) commented.
 I used to do it with 1st & 2nd grade art students.
I guess I'm going back in time. It's good fun.


  1. i liked the one in upper right best. teetering but under control. :)

  2. It looks like good fun..I smiled at équilibre ..
    I saw a smile almost too ..or a song in the first on top:)
    It is a beautiful day here..I sat and painted clay pots this time..
    It was too hot to garden this afternoon..but I am not complaining:)

  3. It does look like a fun project. Plus, as far as the building goes you're allowed to defy gravity a bit!

  4. Looks like fun--art therapy for adults and kids!

  5. Looks like fun--art therapy for adults and kids!

  6. Hey, back in time is mostly always good. Well, I better speak for myself.

  7. Am enjoying your fun . . . and getting inspiration for projects w/kids . . . and myself . . .:)))


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