Monday, July 16, 2018

Time Out For Making a Book

 Interlude from preparing sketches for the show:
Back to the handmade book, inspired 
by teaching some friends how to make 
non-adhesive bookcovers and handmade books.
 2nd Version.

And inspired by Beth's workshop. (see older post.)
And her buttons.

A pamphlet stitch for adding signatures 
to an accordion fold. 
A lesson in accepting imperfection.
I slid the end tabs of the accordion strip
into the cover wraps. It actually works as a book!
I'm trying to use up watercolors from one of my paint boxes.
 I keep coming back to this striped, polka-dot motif. 
Such fun to be surprised by the colors that turn out!
Meanwhile, a lot of the show sketches are framed,
but I'm creating & selecting more.
It's a huge challenge 
for this brain of mine,
I don't have time for the many ideas that pop in.
 It's a challenge to go through many old sketchbooks.
Trying to make selections 
Curating. Editing. 
No wonder I'm taking time outs for polka dotted stripes.


  1. I love handmade books more than almost anything that can be handmade! My favorite is coptic stitching, but the pamphlet stitch works well too. Love your bright patterns!

  2. What a great post. I can hear your joy and excitement. Play, Rita, Play!!

  3. Love your books..they are not easy..I just put one together..the cowardly way:) Loose sheets glue gunned to form a spine like a block..hope it stays together.Would love to see your vernissage/the choices:)Your work pops up everywhere on Pinterest!Loved by many!

  4. I love your wee books. I don't think these would be so simple with the signatures. But they're really terrific and very unique. I like these very much.

  5. Love your books . . .
    Wish my brother was computer savvy he would love seeing your books.
    And wish he lived close by to show him your posts!
    He makes little books often . . .

  6. I'm catching up on your posts today. My old feedreader wasn't letting me know when something new went up, and I switched to a new one. Then I got busy and fell farther behind... Seeing your art makes me happy!


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