Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Skeletal Views of Winter

Out the living room window on a cloudy, post-snowfall day. 
In summer hummingbirds frequented the azalea bush.
They & the blossoms are gone,
but skeletal scenes of winter are very much here!

Stage 1 of the sketch. The minimalism of winter!
Sketchbook Wandering, close to home...


  1. Geesh how you bring the skeletal to life w/ watercolor.

  2. I love how it went from stage 1 to your finished piece, Rita. It's just lovely and really does say the cold of this deep freeze we're experiencing.

    And thanks, by the way, for your recent visits to my place! I always smile when I see your name pop up on the email notifications and if I had your email I would reply directly! Glad you are there!

  3. You do a beautiful job with the skeletal scenes of winter. Thank you for sharing~

  4. Amazing how a bit of color brings the scene to life!!!! Lovely!!

  5. i love how you see the things around you and capture then in the drawing.

  6. Mnie się szkic i gotowa praca bardzo podoba. Pozdrawiam i ślę dużo buziaków.

  7. Wonderful sketches of the trees Rita. Isn't it lovely when the leaves are missing and we can enjoy the bare bones. Hope you are staying warm friend. It is very cold here but the sun is shining. Hugs!

  8. I love your sketches, so full of life and personality.


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