Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Quiet Little Art Fair

For health reasons, I'm needing to spend a quiet weekend, near to home. 
A friend & I did go to a quiet little Art Fair, in a quiet little town, not too far away. 
I did not have my full energy, but viewing some quiet art did me good. 
We had stopped for a pause on a bench on Main St.
T had a locally made Blueberry ice cream cone, I sketched.
Some of you might recognize the bridge in the background...
Above, a test of a new Canson "Mix Media" sketchbook.
It is more expensive per page than my Moleskine watercolor book, 
but it's a lovely white with a nice texture.


  1. I adore quiet little outings much more than many other things..
    Thank you for sharing w/ us especially if you are under the weather.Prompt rétablissement Rita:)
    Love the town scene and the lamp vignette...both!

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice day at the Art Fair. Love your sketch of Main Street especially.

  3. Brian and I had planned to go but didn't remember until 3pm. Love the sketch.

  4. Love these sketches so much! Hope you are feeling better . . . be well .. . xx


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