Saturday, August 20, 2016

Still Life with Toys

I'm grateful to have things in my home that make me happy.
(I'm grateful to have a home, for that matter). 
I recently had a realization of the fact that 
we didn't have many things when I was a child,
and that it wasn't just a matter of lifestyle, but of necessity.
My refugee parents had arrived 
just a few years before I was born.
We had a home, food, clothes (hand me downs & 2nd hand) 
& I did have a few toys which I loved so much.
I am able to have more these days.
But I try ( I try) to purchase new things
with care & moderation...


  1. I yearn for a more level playing field for families in this country. Our economic disparity is difficult for many. I love the luxuries as much as anyone but after reading a recent book on Iraq that describes the lives of civilians there, esp. mothers who are desperate to feed their children, I feel shamefaced at our abundance.

  2. I love this one Rita..and I love how grateful you are of everything in your life.
    Your little gnome :)
    Bon dimanche..nous attendons de la pluie..j'espère peindre un peu..

  3. Me, too, Rita. Your post and sketch are simple, true, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh such simple pleasure and unique beauty in your painting style!

  5. Love this piece and the little guy with the pointed hat!!


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