Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Art Learning Sketch Journal

I continue to enjoy my small Art Learning Sketch Journal. 
My first entries were at the Mel Stabin workshop day 
in Camden (see entry, July 23) I added the colors later.

It's fun to go back to restudy the notes & to see the sketches. 
Time is proving that I got more from that day than I thought.

Most of us were in a retirement age group.
But one urban high school student had been brought by her aunt. 
At one point she was very focused on checking the end of her long braid for insects. 
A page of my notes from Mel's demonstration.
Bottom right: I couldn't help but notice the ducks,
in the harbor, putting on their own demonstration! 
(you can click on the image to see it better.)


  1. Paddington outfit:) Cute!
    I love your notes..and your loose sketching..in fact I miss your lines and swirls when you use less..c'est toi ces lignes intéressantes..the notes you took could easily state YOUR asymmetrical sketching is what makes us love your work..well me..

  2. Yes, what La Table De Nana said! xx


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