Saturday, August 13, 2016

Place of Bliss

Do you have a place (places) of happiness & bliss?
Of serenity, appreciation, & awe for this world?
A refuge, a spot you can't wait to return to?
Can one be truly & deeply in love with a place?
I believe that I bring to the worldly places 
a serenity that is within myself. Still, some places
just fill my heart...

Above: My 4 X 6" book with the plain paper was the only one
I remembered to bring. 
I learn that I don't always need fancy materials 
to experience the process of observing & recording...
(Though I was grateful I remembered 
my nice watercolor box
and a brush!)


  1. I get FILLED with gratitude when I am in a place that brings me this much peace.I feel full:) And it's always with nature.Not buildings.
    Top love ..babies though:)

    Love this post Rita..have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Oh, yes--several places like that. Don't get to spend nearly enough time there, but if I'd sketch them the way you have, I could go back anytime.

  3. Luverino and bliss . . . I know exactly what you mean . . . xx

  4. Oh yes, I have places of special bliss ..... your post is a wonderful reminder that we should pause and appreciate them.


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