Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Studying: Sketching and Watercolor Painting

From my small Art Learning Sketch Journal

For learning about drawing, sketching & watercolor, there are some amazing videos & books out there! Teoh Yi Chie, sketch artist, covers a wide range of related subjects with great depth. I learned from one of his tutorials about the book, Making Colors Sing by Jeanne Dobie. With it I am exploring the nature of individual watercolor paints in terms of transparency to opaqueness & how to mix colors. 

Anne-Laure & her site "Watercolor sketching" with demonstrations is wonderful. I learned about her through multi-talented Blog artist, La Table de Nana, who is also generous in sharing resources. 

How the Internet has changed the nature of studying & learning! The educational systems of just a few decades ago were more limited. However, my university experiences without the Internet but with live people & campuses were also very rich. Being immersed in a culture of learning is invaluable. Learning how to learn.

What I wish is that universities in the US were free & equally available to all young people, 
as they are in some countries. But that is another subject...

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  1. YOU make colors sing!
    I LOVE learning and am grateful for all the resources you share too!
    Especially seeing your loose and lovely charming style!

    On Instagram..Liz Steel suggested we paint a routine we have for 5 mornings..ahe is doing her teacup..I am trying that:)
    I hear you re University.
    Here it is less $$ and what one can do is put money aside during years..in a fund..and then the person can use it for university.That is the gift my husband gives the Littles every Christmas..so if they do wish to go..they will be helped finacially.
    I love that idea..we did that for our daughters also..so by the time they got to University..we were helped..Do you have that?


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