Tuesday, July 31, 2018

In My Own Town: Watercolor Workshop with Tony Van Hasselt

I'm assisting in a Coastal Maine Art Workshop all week long.
Our teacher, Tony Van Hasselt does a daily demo,
then he goes around to people while they are painting,
and then he does a critique at the end of each day.

 Because I run around tending to details some of the time,
I don't get the painting time the others do.
But at least on the first day I made 2 quick sketches.

I'm lucky: 
My town attracts artists & classes of this sort.
The very gracious students this time are from: 
Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, 
New Jersey, New York, Virginia, 
Massachusetts, & South Carolina!

I must say it is more than luck.
I worked hard to move here. 
I chose this town carefully.
It was hard to move. 
Hard to leave a longtime hometown
that I dearly loved. 
But, it's been so worth it and
it's fun to share it 
with artistic visitors from far away.


  1. Love the art! That first one is just so.."I want to be able to do that" LOL..Just to sketch people..so adroitely but with so much charm.Happy you are settled inton this town:)And happy:)

  2. Sketch Wandering --- Perhaps you will remember me as the blogger of FOLKWAYS NOTEBOOK I followed your fine posts for several years. Presently, I'm involved in photography, wildlife, cultural artifacts etc. Living presently in the U.P. of Michigan. Thinking of joining the blogger world again which I so enjoyed. You sound so right with your life -- creativeness seems to be your driving force! I will be dropping in ever once in awhile to view your wonderful art as it evolves. Nice to know you are still in your game. -- barbara

  3. I'm so glad you moved to Belfast!!

  4. I really love your artistic style, so loose and free. I am trying to learn how to sketch like you do. I appreciate your blog and thank you for sharing!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful opp...except for not being able to do much of your own work...too busy being a good assistant. Were you tempted to 'lose the line' as DD used to say to me? I'm taking his September class! Just bought my ridulous ticket under 300€
    Wish you were coming Rita...

  6. Glad you had some time to enjoy yourself too! And looks like a beautiful day for a class. This must be the perfect time to visit Maine!

  7. There is something very special about this post. It not only shows some of your wonderful art -- I so admire your free style! It has such energy and freedom to it. But I also appreciated that you shared some of yourself, your history, your choice to choose the right city. I so admire that.

  8. Charmed by your whimsical sketches, as always....Glad you enjoyed the week!!

  9. Love your skeches Rita. You did a super job capturing artists at work. Tony Van Hasselt is a great artist...sounds like a super workshop. Have a delightful day.

  10. Yes, our town does attract artists... of many sorts.
    Remember, write down, remember the name, Seillans, in Provence.
    I felt the same there.
    I shall be interested to see it in December 2022, when I return. Will the artists be there? Some did say they lived there year round. My time there was so fleeting, fewer than two hours; I did not sketch, but want to show you my few photos. We were on the move the whole time except for coffee, ooops café.


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