Monday, August 8, 2016

Watercolor Sketches, Going Back In

Some one in our Sketchers Group said that watercolor is less forgiving than oils. True. But I'm learning that one can go in & modify. Above, a cloudy, rainy scene on a Maine pond. Originally the sketch was too vividly colored. I went in with a wet paper towel & softened up some parts.
This Camden Library Reading Room sketch kept bugging me. I realized that the blues were too intense & unnatural. Again, I went in with a wet brush & a wet towel & lightened them. Now it brings back nicely the memory of that day. See the tops of the windjammer masts? Unique location has that Camden Library!
 The grasses in this memory sketch originally had a weird silhouette. 
I went in lifting some blues & then adding color.

We had our 5th monthly sketch group meeting this morning. 
I get so inspired by the different journals, by the different processes, 
and by the enthusiasm & stories of the participants. 
I'm grateful to our public library for hosting us, & I'm
just plain grateful that I get to do & share this fun thing in life!


  1. I love being do that to me.

    I must say oil is much more forgiving..even in my novitiate state:)

    I love how you demonstrated we can hope for some odd 100 plus little attempts I have..
    but go right on top and layer:( Or scrape off:)
    It is an essential fun thing in life and I am grateful to have discovered it..
    I heard today that 2 hours of quiet a day..will keep your brain regenerating.
    I am so quiet when I play w/ my paints.

  2. I love your work. I think it is the luscious colors.

  3. Happy to understand about blotting and lifting . . . and happy that others are able to see the awe-some-ness that is you. xx


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