Friday, November 23, 2012

Mornings in Paris

Do you have a favorite hangout where you go repeatedly? I have Mornings in Paris in the Old Port. I love going early, before crowds, & before you have to deposit coins into les parcmètres. (But the parking fees are well worth it, if you want to go later on, like for lunch or midday coffee & treats...)
The coffee is exquisite, 

and the interior is filled with artistic displays.
Illuminated cases show off gorgeous pastries, quiches & bonbons...
This morning, after the early quietude, crowds began to arrive (note a little Portland Maine high fashion here!) & the café buzzed with cheerful questions & answers about the food.
From my favorite window table a dog on the sidewalk was in full view. He watched longingly & attentively for his person who was grabbing a coffee to go...Passersby laughed, & me too, so earnest he was! 
When the clock struck 9 I packed up & ran because the meterfolks would be starting their day...but not without saying au revoir et merci & exchanging a few words in French to proprietor, Isabelle. You can read about her & Mornings in Paris here. The site tells you what a warm & welcoming person she is but I don't know if it tells you how pleasant it is to hear her frequently laugh...It's just as invigorating as her coffee.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Poor November

People around town are already starting to festoon, adorn, trim, embellish & ornament  their lamposts, yards & doors with lights & Christmas decorations. But our actual landscape looks more like this sketch, from November, 2003. 
Mid-November Quebec City, 2012 displayed last shouts of autumn colors...
But signs pointed to next month's celebrations & bookshops were already well stocked with Christmas books. Our month of November seems to get ignored. It lacks the glitz of October & is overshadowed by the anticipation of  December...Still, it's a lovely month...
A Happy November Thanksgiving to you!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I adore bicycles but I'm a little fearful about riding since I fell & broke a bone a few years ago (not on a bicycle). How I loved the freedom & energy generated by pushing those pedals, ever since childhood!! 
Should I ride again? Yes. (But maybe not today...)
The bicycle culture in Amsterdam makes so much sense!
I'm definitely too timid to try this in Paris with, gasp! lots of fast cars & motorcycles!!
 In Amsterdam, such a variety of bicycle morphs! Maybe I could handle this one...
Even when they're parked, they're so wonderful!