Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Sketching Downtown on a Rainy Day


Went rainy day sketching with just 2 of the Sketchers. 

When my paper started getting wet, I stopped with a quick
black & white sketch and the 3 of us retreated to the porch of 
 our favorite plant/home/gift boutique. 

Later, at home, when I added color I didn't use reference photos. For me that was daring, 
to add paint from memory & intuition. 
There is always something new to try when sketching!

The cold rain meant very few people were out. 
And it felt good to be with fellow sketchers. 
With distance.

Our outdoor days are limited. 
What will we do in winter when, on some days,
 the weather will prevent outdoor sketching & visits?

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Going Outdoors with The Sketchers

The Sketchers meet once a week, always
in beautiful places that are not far from our homes.
When I resumed going, over a month ago, 
drawing felt new all over again.
I had the tendency to try to record too much. 
After all, so I was seeing so many wonderful details!
This on location sketch got re-worked as I realized my eye 
had not seen certain things correctly. 
It would have been an ideal oil painting.
Sometimes, with watercolor, I miss being able 
to make lots of revisions.
The top sketch was a 2nd version,
using the original sketch, plus a photo.
I like both for different reasons. 
I'm finally coming around to making quick value studies
before jumping into color. How seductive color is though!
Lucy Willis' book, Light: How to See It, How to Paint It
has had a big influence on me recently. 
I used to own it, but gave it away.
Apparently I wasn't ready at the time.
We had an excursion to our local,
rather historic cemetery. Some challenges in perspective here.

On another excursion I stood on the end of a long wharf
at a harbor of a neighboring town.
As I sketched, the tide moved in.
Light, shadows & reflections grew more pronounced.
A lobster boat or 2 came in to shore. The slow rhythm 
& unhurried atmosphere calmed me.

No matter what the art lessons or technical challenges,
I Iove the peace I experience while sketching outdoors.