Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sketching, Organizing, Collage

Last weekend I went sketching again 
at The Common Ground Fair.
A happy annual ritual.
I've been using existing bits & pieces here in the art room. 
Employing friend M.'s "Use It Up Initiative". 
My paper sun  finally found a new home. 
That's a little cardboard house structure provided by Waterfall Arts 
for a grassroots project on the subject of Home.
Leftover papers are also finding homes.
 In collages ... 
 ...and handmade books for friends.
Made possible because of lots of hours
organizing a new studio space. 
Now I know what I have & where it is!
In the process, lots was given away & tossed.
Weeding, raking, planting seeds for a new season 
& new directions.
...Which include French study after the summer off.