Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Abstracting with Negative Sapce

In the Sketchers group I presented a mini lesson on perceiving negative space, 
à la Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain
A fantastic approach for seeing & drawing!

I had observed some tree branches out of a café window
on one gray & dreary day. During the group, which took place
on another gray & dreary day, 
armed with the concept of "Point of Departure", 
I dropped & mixed colors into the spaces of a quick ink sketch. 

Here in the Northeast, in the last days of March, 
we have a limited time to observe 
the beautiful interweavings that tree branches up above make.
Oh the twisted, jagged lines & beautiful shapes of sky! 
Behold the layers of skeletal branches crissing & crossing! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Mountaintop in February

 The mountaintop to which I return often...
"Where the mountains meet the sea..."

Two sketches from the same spot,
but on two different February mornings.
I went there to breathe....
Now I go back to celebrate.
Spring has more meaning this year.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Color Wandering Close to Home

A friend asks: What are your "prompts"?
Perhaps that is synonymous with" inspirations". "Points of departure". What launches me? 

Yesterday it was experimenting with a new "professional" brush
 that was on sale at Rockport Blueprint 

I also was inspired by some fused, wild, quilted pieces that my friend Beth gave me. 
They got me going on some color combinations that I would not normally use.
I did not copy her assembled colors, but they sparked some new explorations.
Making cards for friends, always a nice spark.

I continue to Sketchbook Wander, & it is still my favorite art practice, 
sketches prompted by what is in front of me.. 

But FINALLY being allowed back  into my home, makes me want to stay here for awhile.
I am reunited with some paints & brushes that I have missed.

What launches YOU into a zone of creating with art materials or with writing tools?