Monday, October 1, 2012

To France & Back: Watercolor Drawings A Show

Rue Saint Séverin, 5th Arronissement, Paris
The Show is officially on display! "To France & Back: Watercolor Drawings"... from my travels in France & here in Maine. For you Local Folks, it's at The Local Buzz, Coffee House & Wine Bar in Cape Elizabeth.  It's a great space, & serves good food & drink. Opening Reception is on October 17th from 7-9. I'll bring some of my travel journals which are the source for the drawings. The inspiration for traveling to France in the first place  was, & is my French teacher & founder of Portland's Language Exchange. The reason I have this show is because friend Beth click on Beth's Take on Life let me know about the opportunity. And the reason the display pleases me is because friend & fellow Francophile Janet helped me hang it! And I'm learning a lot about how to do this as carolg (click on Paris Breakfasts & visit her Etsy shop) has been sharing some show tips with me! Merci!

I knew it would be fun to share this series, but a bonus surprise: When I'm at the café, the theme of the drawings gets me into conversations with fellow Francophiles & travelers to France & fellow appreciators of Maine's beauty! 

 J'ai de la chance! I hope to see you there! (& in France...)


  1. Great sketchs, wish I could be there to pop in later this month. Enjoy yourself & have a great expo/showing your travel journals.
    Best wishes... Barbara

  2. SNAP, I live too far away to come to the reception and oohhhhh and ahhhhhh over your marvelous work. Maybe it's best.I'd bend your ear for too long and no one else would have a chance to talk "France" with you. I LOVE the top photo with the ROUGE awning. Come to think of it, I think I say that about every single piece of your work.
    Bonne chance with your exhibit. Next...........prints for sale????

  3. Aww... too bad it's too far for me to come to your show. I'd love to see your watercolours "live".
    Szkoda, że to tak daleko :-(.

  4. Fabulous project to do - as a follow up how about a book capturing the lovely pictures with a running narrative - bon chance

  5. BRAVO!
    these look wonderful Rita!!
    Do show us more and Bon Chance with your exhibit.

  6. Beeeautiful, wished I could come and see all those hanging on the wall!
    Good luck with the show and many engaging meetings with fellow francophiles,
    bon week end,

  7. Maybe, you are on the calendar. I like wine!

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    Ksenia K.

  9. No need to tell the location of this street ending with a beautiful apartment building. Rita, in that deceptively simple rendition of this place, you have captured the atmosphere of a street in Paris and the architectural design of a beautiful building going back to the time of Haussmann, prefect of Paris under Napoléon III, XIXe century.

  10. I really like your sketches/paintings very very much. came here from Cris' blog today! I want to follow you!


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