Thursday, January 30, 2020

Art Journaling On the Go

A new 8 X 11" page in my art journal,
created at the weekly Library Art Journaling Group.
Sharing & working together, they call it "synergy."
I call it magic.
This was my first "To Go" page in my Daily Journal. 
After watching a ton of videos
about the Midori Travel Journal system,
& about approaches to Bullet Journaling,
I modified my Rhodia A5 size dot grid book
(the best for fountain pens!)
by adding colored elastic cords under which I slid 
loose, folded sheets of blank paper. 
On the go, I can pull a sheet out, draw, write,
& then stick it back in! It worked!!

Below, I'm loving seeing the accumulation of Jan. days 
on my Mini Memory Calendar!
The squares measure 1 1/4 square inch.
The calendars are on premium color copy paper.
Nine days ago...
One day at a time a month happens!
Happy End of January!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

What I've Been Up To...

A little sketching with the Sketchers...
At a most magical shop in town, Brambles...
The owner always welcomes us! 
(I have previous posts/sketches from Brambles...)
Quick sketches when I'm out. 
Still carrying the book everywhere.
This was lunch at the Coop, a great Sketch-Op.
Enjoying my Prismacolors. Here,
they were basking in winter sunlight that streamed in
through the back door blinds.
 Prismacolors on my new "mini memory" daily calendar, 
inspired by the great sketch blog of Lin, View From the Oak
& her "Smallies". Do visit her blog! 
A great form of journaling!
Card calendars for my bulletin board.
Been playing with collage a bit.
Ongoing Daily Journal ritual. Every morning with coffee.
I'm adding more color, drawings & paste-ins
than before.
This was the bottom corner of a page. 
That's Washi tape as the base.
Envelope-pocket-journal-folio books, 
taught by local paper craft artist & teacher, Robinsunne. 

Current one in progress.
Elements taped with temporary cellophane tape.

 I mostly didn't send out holiday cards.
I gave a few of these to folks in my Zumba class. 
I hope you all had a fun holiday season.
 My new cork board on the mantle. 
A reminder that I want to paint more without ink line...
A challenge, & outside my comfort zone!
Above, some are mine, some are inspirations by others.
Great time of year for making art!