Friday, October 19, 2012

Joyful Vegetables

I was so happy to see you all at The Local Buzz Opening, thank you!! The show will be up through November 12. The Local Buzz Coffee House & Wine Bar is a great place to hang out. Sunday Ronda Dale is performing from 11 to 2! She's a wonderful local songwriter & singer! 
A new vegetable series has begun as many of my little postcard drawings of Maine & France have been going to new homes.

"Eat your vegetables," we used to hear as metropolitan suburban children  But today, in the more rural state of Maine I hear: "Eat your fresh, organic, local vegetables!", or better yet, "Grow your own." I come with no farming skills or experience, so for now I'm drawing my own.
Tomorrow I go to the Deering Oaks Farmer's Market!! Happy & Healthy Weekend to you! 


  1. Lovely sketch, I've just come back home from shopping at my local market with a bunch of carrots just like the ones you painted. Hope they taste nice. have a happy weekend

  2. Delicious drawings!
    What fun and you survived!!
    Cheers cg

  3. Our Farm stand sent out notices recently that the carrots are picked and in ready to buy. Cant beat fresh picked veggies. Lovely art work. Love your style.

  4. I'm just the opposite I farm well. Draw? You've gotta be kidding.
    btw Last Wed. was a BIG booked night for me @ the museum, out for dinner... We had plans to swing over, it just didn't work out. Another time, perhaps.

  5. Podoba mi się obrazek z marchewkami. They look as if they were dancing, shaking their green hair :-).

  6. Rita, connais-tu la comptine suivante ?
    Au clair de lune,
    Tous les légumes
    Etaient en train de s'amuser, hé!
    Ils s'amusaient, hé!
    Tant qu'ils pouvaient, hé!
    Et les passants les regardaient.

    Un cornichon tournait en rond,
    Un artichaud faisait de petits sauts,
    Un salsifis valsait sans bruit,
    Et un chou-fleur se dandinait avec ardeur, eur!

    Tes légumes sont pleins de joie, peut-être dansaient-ils au clair de lune avant d'être ramassés! Vas te promener au clair de lune, tu les verras sans doute...

  7. I missed your session in Belfast, though I so wanted to go! Do you do classes at other locations? I just love this and am so inspired to try my hand. Can't wait to see how it goes. I would love to sit in on a session to hear you speak!

  8. Bon soir, mon amie. I hope this comes thru. Love all your work, as it have for years. Your last few little ones hanging in my home office. Should I plan to visit later this month? Am trying to finalize plans. Would love to see you even if briefly. - RY

  9. Love simple line drawing with simple color. My fav!


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