Friday, August 21, 2020

The Gift of Homegrown Vegetables

A friend who lives in the country 
dropped vegetables off 
on my front porch while I was out.
 They were from her own garden! 
They were beautiful, tasted divine, 
and were nourishing!
And: They were grown with love! 
( Some of the Summer Squash slices
 even had little cutout hearts
 in their centers! No kidding! )
Thank you, M!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Travel During the Pandemic. Summer of 2020

A sketch from a journal sketch (see post of July 2...)

For years my favorite back road trip was up to
Skowhegan & Jackman, ending in Quebec City.

The Canadian border is closed, & I stay home a lot these days.
But road trips are still possible.

From Belfast to Brooks, Dixmont, Winterport, Hampden.
This is organic farm country in towns like Montville & Monroe.

Roller coaster ribbon roads. 
Forests, farms, scattered country homes,
occasional views of distant fields, faraway mountains.

Here & there, political signs appear on the sides of the road,
but I try not to look at them.

This is not the coastal route with its crowds & cars,
Its clusters of restaurants & hotels.

For a short time the world feels safe, normal & familiar. 
The radio is off & I drive slowly, glancing, occasionally stopping.

I am told I will be able to visit Québec & other cities again.
In the meantime, how lucky I am to be here.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Personal Journal: Daily Pages

During my Experimental Sketchbook Class
I kept a special journal with art notes
& anything related that came up. 
{By the way, I did not pose the shot: 
My new wooden mannequin, (who I think has arthritis)
happened to be there when I was snapping the page.}
Recently I read through my previous personal daily journal.
During the early days of stay-at-home, 
I spent a fair amount of time embellishing my personal book 
with color, borders, paste-ins, & stickers. 
I wondered if it was somehow a waste of my time. 
Looking back I see that it wasn't.

While releasing nervous energy about 
the new, unknown situation we were in,
I was allowing myself to play with color, layout, & content.
I'm now enjoying the record that I have of those days.

Here I recorded some notes from a book for young people
about artistic process: Neil Gaiman's Art Matters.
I usually record these types of art notes in a separate book,
but I liked incorporating them into the "master journal."

Currently my daily pages are fairly unadorned. 
My art energy is going to several projects 
that will be offered for public viewing. 
But they have their own journal pages where I am
working out my journey to finished products.