Thursday, November 30, 2017

Batches of Mini Cards

My mom & I used to bake Batches of Christmas cookies.
A few times we made crafts. Each year during 
the darkness of the year I fall into making cards (not cookies).
This year, Batches of mini cards, 2.5"X 3". 
I call them "Reet's Paper Treats".
 Some to give away. Some to sell at The Sail Locker (click here). You can also catch the Sail Locker at the Saturday United Farmers Market of Belfast.   
 Using my bits & pieces again,
and my themes that have sat in the idea journal for awhile.
They're in cellophane packets, hence the reflections.
I forgot to photo them before wrapping.

Also a batch of 4" X 6" cards. 
Some are re-purposed pop-ons from last year's French alphabet series.
Working toward a line for summer tourist season in Maine.
So many talented artists & artisans on the coast of Maine
who are also great entrepreneurs. (Marketing is not my forté.)
"Magic for you!" says the fairy!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Recent Sketchbook Wandering

At LL Bean recently I had left my sketchbook in the car. Horrors! "Oh please, I asked the young woman in the café, do you have any scrap paper, I am desperate!" Yes, she did, so I was able to sketch out the window 
on that chilly morning while waiting for my breakfast. 

On a trip to Boston, I sat on a bench at the edge of the Commons, at Park St. to sketch. 
After years of Boston trips, 
I never before noticed a large fountain! 
A fast scribble sketch, just making notes, watching, listening.
Sitting there in the park, a great theater experience, 
with diverse characters & conversations!
 A mellow November day in peaceful Harvard Yard. 
Lots of chairs out, so I hung out after going to the Fogg Art Museum. 
(loved the museum, not as grand as The Museum of Fine Arts, but wonderful.)
People waiting for subways, and buses...
...are always favorite city subjects.
 Sketches at the Portland Museum of Art...They & the Fogg don't allow ink pens, 
so a lot of the sketches in this series are too light to post. 
 The last 2 are from the Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland.
 ...which does allow ink pens. 
The Farnsworth: one of my favorite art museums!