Sunday, November 19, 2023

"Welcome Back, Sleepy Sun". Solstice ATC's.

A sampling of my last 20 cards for my ATC group. This is my last batch for awhile as I'm beginning a new, focused, extended, illustration project. In the meantime these cards have been so much fun. For these suns I intended to hand draw each one to be more or less the same. But they emerged with personalities of their own! Thinking of you, my blogger friends.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Paper Dolls: Artist Trading Cards

Before there were Barbies, there were paper dolls. 
They paved the way for Barbie, that fashion icon.

Our Artist Trading Card theme this month is "Apparel".

Many years ago, this pre-teen Sketchbook Wanderer
thought she might want to become a fashion designer.

That wasn't meant to be, but how I loved
outfits& accessories 
I spent one whole summer designing & sewing clothes
by hand for my Barbie.
I continue to love dolls & miniatures.

20 cards, 2.5 X 3.5", to trade, with outfits
that I myself wouldn't mind wearing.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Art Journaling During Covid

Covid Times: I enjoyed some online Art Journaling groups that presented prompts.
The idea was to keep a daily practice going, a flow, a momentum, without inner critics
who cause hesitation & blockage.

Friday, August 4, 2023

Sketching on the Coast of Maine

 Still enjoying pen & ink with watercolor.

When it's cold out, sketch from the car!

My fantastic new tool: The Artist's Toolkit. 
The paint box is super thin with magnetic paint pans
& mixing trays!! Changed my life! Visit their website!

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Still Sketching...


Still sketching, especially when on vacation or when taking a pause or in line at the grocery store or in a cafe...Still journaling, daily, my pages have become more illustrated in the last year... I hope my blog friends are doing well. Do write me a few words in a comment, if you come across this post!

Monday, December 12, 2022

Artist Trading Cards & Shimmery Paints

Every year at this time I create a little drawing for Christmas cards. I'm in the process, but got sidetracked with an Artist Trading Card swap for my library art group. Fun with shimmery, pearlescent highlights, watercolors, & accents of colored pencil. I haven't been by to visit your blogs, but am getting closer...Happy creative season to you!

Friday, December 2, 2022

Art, A Daily Practice. My Show: Locally Grown

I still practice my art, daily. That's me at an impromptu workshop
that an artist gave at a natural food store in a small
town where I was vacationing! Serendipity!

In September I had my 3rd art show at my library 
called Locally Grown
featuring local farmers & gardeners & their gardens.
It was a long term project as the planning had begun 
more than 6 months previously.
 I also presented a slide show with stories that I collected
from local gardeners.  
This collection had more written text than my other shows, 
& I loved the integration
of words & drawings in my typical journaling style.

I'm developing Christmas/winter imagery
that will end up as a greeting card. 
This has been my tradition since childhood.
Happy creating, you all! Thank you, Rita

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Dancing Drawings

How I love to draw. 
How I love to dance.
How I love to draw & dance.


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Farmer's Market

One of my favorite places to sketch: The Farmer's Market.

In May I took a intense course that gave me tools 
for developing a practice of daily sketching & art making.  
Lots going on for me now that the covid restrictions are off.
I appreciate being out & about more than ever before. 

Thank you for stopping by. It's been awhile.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Paper Dolls Who Love Going to Their Library

Some of my little paper dolls went to 
an accordion book group art show 
at the Camden Library. 
All of them 
love their public libraries! 


Friday, March 18, 2022

Italian Language Study Wandering

Sketchbook Wandering is studying languages again. 
I'm taking a beginning Italian language class for travelers as well as an advanced French conversation class. 
Fountain pens, journals & colored pencils are a big part 
of my arsenal for studying. 
Missing my sketchbook wandering, but I'm loving this! 
My brain & spirit are happy.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sharing A Bit of What I've Been Up To

I miss the blog world that I was so 
involved with. So I thought I'd share 
just a little of what I've been up to. 
I still journal with sketches
 in fact, I have several journals going. 
But they are more private 
than the old drawings I used to post here.

Here is a sample.

I've been studying beginning Italian for Travelers,
as well as advanced French.
If the world will permit me, I hope to go to Europe
one more time.

I make little flashcards & study aids for the Italian.
It's a beautiful language, but it's new.
I recognize words, but I'm not memorizing them 
as quickly as I would like.
I've been playing around with my watercolors & colored pencils, 
creating postcards for friends. Valentine's Day.

Some one introduced paper weaving to my art group. 
It was fun to play with my painted papers, like a kid in a grade school art class.

Lately, I'm reading books about art & making notes in my Art Learning Journal. A friend & I have formed a mini study group, we give ourselves assignments. This reading in Affirmations for Artists sparked some good personal writing. 

With spring on the way, going sketching outdoors is moving into the forefront again. With Covid maybe out of the way I'm hoping for some new adventures out in the world.I hope your lives are getting back to normal & that adventures await you!

PS I wasn't able to leave comments on your posts today. I will try again though...

Friday, December 24, 2021

Little Landscape Painted for a Friend

A cheer up gift for a friend...
From the collection of Maine coast sketches 
that live in my mind. 

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Sketching While Waiting in the Car


 Sketching is my favorite  way to pass time
while waiting. My doctor lets me wait in my car, 
this was the view. But, drawing this car 
didn't come easily. So this is version #4,
done with the assist of an online photo.
Why was I persistent?
Just for the exercise of drawing.
The training & development of this skill is ongoing. 

Friday, December 17, 2021



I'm grateful to be able to eat highly nutritious, organic food, 
bought at our coop & especially bought from nearby farmers. 
Yesterday I baked butternut squash for the 1st time
in a long time. I was blown away by the vibrant taste 
and juicy texture, 
all the better knowing that I was absorbing
so many vitamins & nutrients. 

I buy fresh rosemary, just for the scent!
Once it's dry enough, I put it in an air tight container.
Now I'm wondering how to use it in my cooking...

Microgreens & pea shoots are divine!
Local apples are still available & delicious!

This was my first vegetarian meal this week 
after picking up the farm produce.

I got some vegetarian cookbooks from the library recently
& am enjoying exploring some new meal ideas...
(I am not a gourmet cook, haha!)
Why am I attracted to vegetarian cuisine?
I just read The Omnivore's Dilemma. It influenced me
in the way that Diet for a Small Planet did years ago.