Sunday, February 18, 2024

Fountain Pens, Cursive Writing & Penmanship

 If you put "fountain pens" into my Search Bar, 
you'll find previous posts about them.

I've been taking notes about the history of pens, writing tools 
& penmanship from a book, 
Script & Scribble, The Rise & Fall of Handwriting
Using fountain pens
is "Slow Writing"  compared to computer tapping in the way that
eating whole foods is "Slow Food" compared to eating fast food.

I so enjoy the tactile feel of ink flowing through a fountain pen nib
on quality paper.

The variety of pens & inks these days is amazing. 
I mostly write with a range of blue to green inks, 
though I still enjoy good old black, 
especially waterproof, so that I can add watercolors.

They are simply one of my very very favorite tools.
They have been since I wrote with 
my 1st Schaeffer cartridge pen at age 11.

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  1. Lovely blog on pens and penmanship showing your love for script and the wonderful memories and friendships pens have brought you!

  2. I love the pages in your journal with the pen paintings. Rick is very into fountain pens. I'll have to share!

  3. There's just something special about the feel of a fountain pen. On my first trip to England MANY years ago, one of the things I wanted to bring home was a fountain pen (why? did I not have access to any in the U.S.??) and I did! I still have it, in fact, along with the bottle of blue ink I bought to go with it. Your sketches and pen info are delightful. I'd like to make time to learn more about using and caring for fountain pens.

  4. Thanks for posting such an amazing article. The sketchbooks are great. It has enough space to draw and roam around with the pencil. Here you can check out some amazing levels of Premium Stationery that can complement your whole art kits.


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