Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sketchbook Wandering: The Last Post

How I hate endings, but,
the time has come to end this blog. 
It's been such a wonderful experience
with some gifts that I never expected, 
including making some new friends & penpals, 
in this state, in this country, & in Europe!

I've loved following your blogs regularly 
& receiving comments. 
I've loved sharing my process & my little drawings.
Sketchbook Wandering taught me a lot.

I am Wandering less these days, 
but continue to carry my Sketchbook.
I'm enjoying my art & other involvements here, 
close to home.

There are pictures to be drawn,
pages to be written, & new surprises to come!
A friend says each morning as she arises, "Yippee!" 
I say, "Hura!" "Youpi!" & "Yippee!"

I'll leave the blog up & check in from time to time,
so if any of you wonderful correspondents wish 
to leave me notes, I will love that!

Do zobacznia, au revoir, & may we meet again!