Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Volunteer Gardener

 One of the last small pieces I did, 
just before hanging the show.
She is a local volunteer from the Belfast Garden Club
who creates & tends town gardens.
On this hot morning when I was sketchbook wandering 
she was taking a break from
her flower beds around the police station,
on a bench in front of the post office.
We had a lovely conversation which is handwritten
by fountain pen below her image.
It's not here, as I would have to get her permission,
but I will tell you that this is one very positive lady
who loves what she is doing!
She enjoys, in Barbara Cooney's words,
 "making the world a more beautiful place."
Belfast has its very own Miss Rumphius! 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Fountain Pens, Note Taking & Journals

1.    Four LAMY fountain pens. Most bought at Goulet Pens. 
       Watch their videos!! (Click on Website)
       Inside the pens: Noodler's colored inks, from
       Artist & Craftsman, Portland, & Goulet.  
       (Note taking in the journals mentioned below is all done
       in fountain pen ink.) 

3.   My Journal of Spirit & Relflections. The book handmade by a local artist 
      whose name I can't find. The reflections by moi.

4.   Show Your Work! A book by Austin Kleon..

5.   Purple Art Learning Journal (Pentallic Travelers, 4 X 6") where I am making notes 
      from  Kleon's Show Your Work & Steal This Book!

6.   Make Someone Happy: Favorite Postings (Facebook) by Elizabeth Berg 
      Sheer delight! The joys of observing everyday life!
      Compassion lives! Humor,spirit abounds!

7.   Daily Morning Pages Journal. In which nothing is too insignificant to enter.

8.   Cursive Writing & Fountain Pen Journal.  Moleskine. 
       I needed a whole book because I am so obsessed!

9.   Pink French Practice Journal.  Moleskine

10. L'abondance dans la simplicité by Sarah Ban Breathnach, translated from English. 
      From which I copy passages into the Pink French Journal

11. Red Art Learning Journal. In which I continue to make notes from books.

12. Art Project Journal, Catch-All. Most currently, ideas for my book in process, 
       Previous entries about shows, ideas, inspirations, doodles...). Leuchtturm1017.

13. The History & Uncertain Future of Handwriting by Anne Trubeck. Fascinating account     
       & thoughts on changing information & communication technologies!
       Taking notes in the Red Art Learning Journal.

14. Cursive Writing Made Easy & Fun! A Scholastic workbook from the Library.
       For grades 2-5 and me.

15. Water Paper Paint: Exploring Creativity with Watercolor & Mixed Media 
       by Heather Smith Jones. I have to return it to the library, but must make some notes 
       in the Red Art Learning Journal. 

16. Painted Paper by Elisa Golden. To return to the Library. 

17. Outdoor Watercolor Workshop & The Watercolor Fix-It Book by Tony van Hasselt
       To try some of the watercolor ideas from the book. And maybe study with him again.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Not Far From Home: The Show

Based on a local scene, down by the waterfront...
Taking liberties, playing with color more than 
making an accurate representation...
The show is up at the Library. 
"Not Far From Home: From the sketchbooks of Rita..."
I am adding more writing to the sketches these days. 
Several viewers have said, "This looks like a book!" 
That makes me happy.
The little guys. 5 X 7's
Like the ones I most often sell.
 A mess of sketchbooks in a case.
The show is not framed in fancy ways.
They are mostly rough sketches.
I enjoy it that people enjoy it. 
Sharing my fun. 
And encouraging others to 
keep sketchbooks too.