Sunday, December 21, 2014

Peace Squadron of Angels

Off they go, those aforementioned Angels, no two exactly alike, no two to the same mailbox. 
(Though they are from the same clan!) 
For now, they are a Squadron except their mission is Peace, not war.
The Angel Precision Flying Team, Whooooshhhh, 
flying to wish you a Happy Solstice on this day & this night!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Late Holiday Angels

The Late Holiday Angels 
will be delivering Greetings, each in her own envelope.

Sometimes they wander, they dawdle, they play.
They have so much work to do before their trip!
But they promise, they will arrive in mailboxes, 
as soon as they can.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Books & Librairies

Books & Librairies: If one is lucky, the love begins early.
Books & Librairies: If one is lucky, the love lasts forever.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Accordion Pocket Cards for Children (& adults)

Next week we're offering a Holiday Story Time & Craft Party
for our library families. One of the crafts will be, what I call, "Accordion Pocket Cards." Lots of possibilities: 
Pop on little cut-out pictures with 3-D sticky tabs, or slide them into the pockets so that they  can be taken out & played with & re-arranged. Other treasures & gifts can be put in the pockets too. 
Here I used pen & beeswax crayons on bristol board.

When I taught art I loved trying out ideas for lessons. If I had models to show, I kept them simple, thinking about what would be possible for various ages to create in a limited amount of time. 
Children so often changed my ideas & added their own. 

I can't wait to create my own Accordion Pocket Cards to send this year, but they will probably be a bit more refined. Something tells me watercolors will be involved.

I got the idea from More Making Books By Hand by Peter & Donna Thomas,
 a great inspiration for creating miniature books & structures.