Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Accordion Pocket Cards for Children (& adults)

Next week we're offering a Holiday Story Time & Craft Party
for our library families. One of the crafts will be, what I call, "Accordion Pocket Cards." Lots of possibilities: 
Pop on little cut-out pictures with 3-D sticky tabs, or slide them into the pockets so that they  can be taken out & played with & re-arranged. Other treasures & gifts can be put in the pockets too. 
Here I used pen & beeswax crayons on bristol board.

When I taught art I loved trying out ideas for lessons. If I had models to show, I kept them simple, thinking about what would be possible for various ages to create in a limited amount of time. 
Children so often changed my ideas & added their own. 

I can't wait to create my own Accordion Pocket Cards to send this year, but they will probably be a bit more refined. Something tells me watercolors will be involved.

I got the idea from More Making Books By Hand by Peter & Donna Thomas,
 a great inspiration for creating miniature books & structures. 


  1. What a very cool idea. Too bad you're so far away. The participants will really be excited about doing a project like this. Homemade books are such fun.

  2. Rita -- Oh what a neat idea. I can see this idea taking off in many directions too. Perhaps as a family Christmas project reflecting all the members of the family, as a school room fun project done for each holiday, thematic cards assembled into a decorative chain for a special event. You come up with such talented ideas that can be made so easily yet be so unique. I feel that everyone will have a fun and creative time at your Holiday and Craft party! -- barbara

  3. I love miniature books, and handmade cards, and handmade journals, etc. I have never done one of these accordion style cards, but I have seen lots of ideas for art journaling with them. So fun!

  4. What a fun project! I can just imagine all the cute things your library kids will come up with!

  5. Wonderful idea, Rita! I sent my (handmade of course:) cards already, bu next year, I'll try with pockets for sure:) Cheers!

  6. Witam, serdecznie. Pomysł bardzo ciekawy i piękne wykonanie. Trochę mi smutno, że nie odwiedziłaś mnie, po moim komentarzu w poprzednim poście. Nic to i tak pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie.

  7. Wish my old body didn't hide the fact that I am a kid who would love to be in your workshop!! Lucky kids!!

  8. What a great idea. They will love it. I would love it. ):

  9. Love this (do I say that every time?) -- going to try it w/grandchildren -- for them and for me. . .:))


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