Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Provence: Miniature Drawings from an old Travel Journal

 Wanting to use some of my miniature paper scraps, I chose a theme source by closing my eyes & "blindly" pointing to one of my old travel journals that were lined up in the closet.
I got the book: "Provence Trip, 2006"
I chose some sketches from the book & reproduced them on a small scale.

2 1/4" X 4 1/4" Arches Cold Press

Serendipity. I got some of my favorite doors. 
New doors are inviting me lately.  How will I go through them?
One door at a time is OK. Miniature steps are OK...à petits pas...
Grateful I am for this suggestion.

2 1/4" X 3 1/4" Arches Hot Press

Each tiny image stands alone, but is part of the group.

They're united by Place. By Time. By Color Palette. 
And, sentimental as it may sound, by Love.


  1. what a cool thing to do to challenge yourself! i LOVE the doorways! so pretty!

  2. So pretty, both the blog and this posting.
    The BLUE door is my favorite:)

  3. What a brilliant way to choose what you show us. I love doors and particularly the burnt sienna one, very rustic.

  4. Love the collage, love the individual pieces, love the doors, love the palette strip! Love! xx

  5. Uwielbiam Twoje szkice, a na pierwszym zdjęciu jest ich najwięcej i są kwiatki :). Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  6. I got up from my chair yesterday because of you and painted the view..on a card and journaled..
    Encore plus d'inspiration aujourd'hui:-)

  7. love your quick watercolor sketches... i really need to dig out my paints and brushes... you inspire me!

  8. En quelques petits dessins, tu as parfaitement saisi et rendu l'esprit du village provençal ! Ces petits dessins sont adorables et très fidèles . Bravo!

  9. The color palette is terrific! Very rustic. Do you mix the colors yourself?

  10. I would love to have recorded my travels like you have done -- so well. As always your art is so spirited! -- barbara

  11. So vivid and mellow at the same time - just beautiful!

  12. Oh, to be reminded that my watercolor can be loose and playful! Thank you.


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