Saturday, November 16, 2019

Back to Sketching in my Small Town

I haven't been sketching much, 
but went out early in November.
How I still love the meditative quality,
the discoveries. We Sketchers met on Main St.
Even though there was a cold breeze, 
I was warmed by the sun on my bench 
outside of Fiddleheads, the Art Shop.
So interesting to see the parade of costumed passersby!
Traci's diner across the street. Traditional egg & pancake breakfasts. I used to love going there, 
but my diet has changed. 
Two of the Sketchers were there, observing out the windows.
A town planning board meeting at City Hall 
about new building construction. 
I had very little idea of what they were talking about, 
property taxes, Tiff's, zoning, 
but it's nice that it was open to the public. 
And I enjoyed some sketching.
This Slicci pen makes the skinniest line 
of any pen that I've ever used. 
I love it, except it 
doesn't reproduce well.
In the meantime, my show is over, 
but I donated two 5 X 7 pieces to the local church 
where it took place. For their Christmas sale.
I love this small town life.