Sunday, January 27, 2019

What to Do? Sketch!

What to do when you go to a meeting
& no one else shows up?

You could

1. Get angry

2. Feel disappointed

3. Sketch! And feel lucky that you're getting
some bonus sketching time
while waiting to see if anyone comes.

4. Oh, and be glad that you have your
traveling sketch kit with you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Skeletal Views of Winter

Out the living room window on a cloudy, post-snowfall day. 
In summer hummingbirds frequented the azalea bush.
They & the blossoms are gone,
but skeletal scenes of winter are very much here!

Stage 1 of the sketch. The minimalism of winter!
Sketchbook Wandering, close to home...

Friday, January 18, 2019

In and Out of Lines

My tiny holiday Zumba Girls have changed to Winter Girls.
When I'm watercoloring their fashions, I'm reminded of
my hours of coloring in childhood. 
Later coloring books were shunned by everyone I knew
as being detrimental to creativity. 
Now they are tremendously popular with adults,
& are sold as meditative activities. 
Are coloring books good or bad or neither?
My Prismacolors have replaced Crayolas.
Making this chart also felt like childhood coloring days.
I've been thinking about staying in lines, or not,
sharp edges verses soft, tight verses loose. 
Punching out colored penciled stars from my swatches creates sharp, 
manufactured edges and shapes.
Is this good for creativity, or bad, or neither?

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Colored Pencils with Rubber Stamp Printing

Accordion fold card, using a Rubber Stamp "0"
and colored pencil.

 Our Library Art Group had a presentation 
of Rubber Stamping, by one of our participants,
a retired art teacher & awesome artist.
She laid out a beautiful assortment
Stamps, inks, papers, &, what caught MY eye...

...a tin of Ticonderoga Colored Pencils! 000000H!!

I started randomly printing with an "0".
 Something about the repetition with variety, very satisfying.
Something about being minimal when I could have chosen
a lot of different materials.
It seems to be my theme these days: 

Leslie showed us no models, and barely gave a demo.
Therefore, every one was free to follow their own themes.
All processes & works were different from one another.
 I love my old Prismacolors, but seeing the new set of
Ticonderogas was very exciting!! A new toy!

After, I made some color charts. 
My Prismacolors remain my favorites, 
but the Ticonderoga's are fun! 
They got me to re-explore my own colors. 
Thanks to Leslie & to our monthly Art Group for 
lots of inspiration & fun!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Mini Zumba Greetings

I failed to send Christmas cards this year. 
But I have promised myself that I will send winter cards.
I did make up some mini-cards to give to a few local folks,
some of them being fellow Zumba enthusiasts.

 And a card for my Zumba teacher. 
I have enormous gratitude for her. 
This dance & her exercise classes have enriched
my life & my health tremendously!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sketching While Waiting

One of my favorite rewards of sketching:
At the grocery store I had fun instead of impatience
while waiting for J to shop. 
I remembered to bring my new 7 X 9" book 
(previous post) & my Extra Fine LAMY pen!!

PS. For those of you on the coast of Maine:
Artist & Craftsman in Portland 
now carries LAMY fountain pens!
And Molly over there is an expert!