Monday, November 26, 2018

The Tiny Bucket & My Obsession with Aqua

 A friend gave me one of her hand dyed & sewn 
Tiny Buckets. She's selling them & LOTS of other
Beautiful items. Click here to see them!
Beth's Tiny Buckets are adorable inside & out.
She knew just what colors I love.
Sea greens. 
Sometimes our Maine ocean shows them beautifully.
(Other times there are all kinds of 
turquoise blues, grays, even violets...)
I have a lot of teals/aquas/turquoises.
The first item in my collection was a gift from my parents.
 Clothes, accessories, bags, pouches, 
gloves, earrings, scarves, my painted designs~~ 
& even fountain pens...
...and fountain pen ink!!
The Goulet Pen Company has tons & tons of pens 
in all colors, & a good share of the blue-greens.
They have over 600 inks with swatches galore!
You don't even have to buy whole bottles,
they sell samples in Tiny Bottles! 

Do you have a favorite Color that you collect or 
perhaps are obsessed with?

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Good Bye to Autumn Colors

This little sketch isn't really about today.
Pumpkins are now covered in snow, 
& green appears on evergreen trees 
rather than in downtown window displays.
But it's one I reworked recently.

The oranges, warm browns & golds that you see on 
all those Thanksgiving cards have been replaced 
by blues, grays, cool browns: & lots of white! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Meditative Color Play, Continued...

Still playing with watercolor with attention & focus...
(previous post). A form of prayer & meditation. 

"L'attention, à son plus haut degré, est la même chose que la prière."  ~Simon Weil 
 "But what are you going to DO with them?"
"Well, I could cut them out & make cards..."
 "...and handmade books..."
"And then I could let them go..."