Monday, November 12, 2018

Meditative Color Play, Continued...

Still playing with watercolor with attention & focus...
(previous post). A form of prayer & meditation. 

"L'attention, à son plus haut degré, est la même chose que la prière."  ~Simon Weil 
 "But what are you going to DO with them?"
"Well, I could cut them out & make cards..."
 "...and handmade books..."
"And then I could let them go..."


  1. ♥ We give so much attention when we create.:)That..I absolutely love.Your mind centers itself..steps aside..comes back.Repeat:)Love all your treasures:)

  2. I love your attention-and-focus work. Yes, we DO have to let go. I'm in the process of that this week with my art sale coming up and there are a few things that will be hard to let go if I'm lucky enough to sell them. And if I don't, Christmas is coming (because there is only so much room!)

    Thanks for taking the time to come over and catch up on blog posts! I always love your visits and insightful comments -- they really make me smile. Big hugs to you. (I'll go back and catch up on your Sennelier post!)

  3. Rita these designs are so pretty ... it always feels so fulfilling to be creative and to try new things. I do the same with my photography. It is a time to be creative for me and to focus solely on what I am trying to create. "It's A Good Thing" ! So glad to be back to blogging again and to catch up on all of these wonderful blogs.

  4. Rita - these are simply wonderful...I love the idea of turning them into cards. What a super way to create something extra special that will keep on giving. I love the way you meditate and pray friend. Great post. You always are inspiring me. Hugs!

  5. Loving your “color play!”
    Reminds me of my “flower Play.”
    Thank you for your visit to my Irish Garden House.
    Forgive me for sending a thank you in your blog comment section.
    Wish I had an email address for you.

    My two cards, one an 1909 postcard, (one of two Thanksgiving postcards I have in my collection.)
    The other was a favorite card I saved given to me from a friend.
    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  6. Oh how I'd love to fish around in that box...


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