Monday, November 26, 2018

The Tiny Bucket & My Obsession with Aqua

 A friend gave me one of her hand dyed & sewn 
Tiny Buckets. She's selling them & LOTS of other
Beautiful items. Click here to see them!
Beth's Tiny Buckets are adorable inside & out.
She knew just what colors I love.
Sea greens. 
Sometimes our Maine ocean shows them beautifully.
(Other times there are all kinds of 
turquoise blues, grays, even violets...)
I have a lot of teals/aquas/turquoises.
The first item in my collection was a gift from my parents.
 Clothes, accessories, bags, pouches, 
gloves, earrings, scarves, my painted designs~~ 
& even fountain pens...
...and fountain pen ink!!
The Goulet Pen Company has tons & tons of pens 
in all colors, & a good share of the blue-greens.
They have over 600 inks with swatches galore!
You don't even have to buy whole bottles,
they sell samples in Tiny Bottles! 

Do you have a favorite Color that you collect or 
perhaps are obsessed with?


  1. Great post and thanks for the link

  2. Yummy color . .. really yummy . . .
    Green . . . all shades . . . depending on the season.

    (Answer to your question about my two cards on a recent post is written in the comments in your previous post.)

  3. (Correction, answer to your question about the cards, is on your post, two back.)

  4. Oh, this is my color, too! My favorite to buy, wear, paint, anything. Kindred color and painting spirits -- I love that. And I loved seeing all your aqua/turquoise accessories. I think it's a universal color -- very calming for everyone and pretty much everyone looks good in it, regardless of their personal coloring. Made me smile this morning so thank you!

  5. Your eyes!♥

    I love turquoise also..Great bucket bag and I spy travel brushes:)Maybe not? Not sure;)

  6. These colors will forever and ever be known as "Rita blue" in my mind....I was struck by the color of your eyes the first time we met and your preference for these shades of blue is so complementary to those gorgeous eyes!! I,too love blues (most shades) but also purples ..But my VERY favorite color is fuschia!!!

  7. Dear Rita - I am in love with your aqua. It is such a pretty color. I hopped over to see Beth's other things. She is certainly one talented lady. I think I will be checking out that aqua that might look good on some zentangles!! Have a delightful day. It is always such fun visiting you and seeing what you are doing. Hugs!

  8. Aqua or teal is one of my favorites, too, but purple is "my color." All shades. My office is painted lavender. Love all the pretty inks, accessories, and so on. Fun!

  9. Your eyes! That perfect color will always (now) say 'Rita' to me.


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