Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maine Tiny Autumn Series

3 3/4" X 4 1/2 ", watercolor on hot press paper with Prismacolor

Tiny landscape on paper scrap, 
part of the ongoing Maine landscape series...
A little reality, a little improvisation, 
done just for the fun of drawing & painting & Feeling
places that I love, in seasons that I love.

When does a series become plain repetition? 
I think it has a life of its own.
By continuing to draw my little autumn vignettes, 
I get to extend my immerson into places that make me happy.
When it starts becoming rote repetition & a process
in which my soul is not present, then a voice says,
 "It's time to explore something else, my friend."
But for now, it's time for autumn on the coast of Maine.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The #2 Pencil

About 4 X 3"
My old camera broke recently, new one not yet set up, so I haven't been able to photo recent work.
 This is a photo of a little back-to-school gift that I made for a friend a few months ago.
I benefit so much from technology, cameras & computers, all silver & electronic & metal, 
BUT~ the direct tools of the pencil, ink pen & paint brush are still my technology of choice. 

The #2 pencil was my first drawing friend when I was a child. 
I posted a similar pencil drawing last year, but the thing is,
I never get tired of those golden, pink-tipped, wooden, sharpened #2's.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Accordion Card Gardens

Recently I had some fun with accordion folds on watercolor paper. These were cards for friends. 
Embroidery floss tied into each end wraps &  ties them into a gift waiting to be opened. You can fold them up into compact cards to fit in an envelope for mailing, and then, the receiver can arrange them to stand up prettily on a table top. 

I'm looking forward to a handmade book art time with a friend. Folded structures & pop-ups!
In the meantime, things have gotten busier in my life 
with some fun new work each week!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Landscape Season in Maine

It's Landscape Season in Maine!
Vibrant colors outdoors 
create vibrant energy within.

 I've had inquiries about selling my work online & about selling rights. At this time I don't sell online. All of my work is copyrighted & may not be used without my written permission. I appreciate the requests & if in the future I decide to sell, I will post notification here on Sketchbook Wandering. Thank you for your interest!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Seawall, Mount Desert Island

Seawall, composed of granite & loose boulders,
 is on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island. 

After hiking up Flying Mountain,
 where we had sat on a rock looking down 
toward Cranberry Island, 
we now sat on a boulder at ground level, 
looking in the same direction.

It was a glorious September day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Common Ground Fair 2: Photos

The Common Ground Fair  
(see the previous post for a description of the fair.)

Tents everywhere...
Sweet Annie is the signature scent at the Fair.
It wafts through the air, everywhere, as people buy bundles.

Plain bundles or mixed bouquets. 
A young farmer & a brand new fairgoer with her grandmother.
The fair is for all generations.

Displays are visual masterpieces.
 A Communal Weaving expresses the 
spirit of community & creativity.

A scarecrow for your organic garden.
Crops from a horse powered farm.
Horse powered rides.
A parade of human powered vehicles.
 Lots of handmade natural products 
at the marketplace.
And lots of colors at the special fiber marketplace.
If Sweet Annie is the signature scent,
 then perhaps the fiddle is the signature instrument.

I've heard that some people go to the Fair for the food. 
Locally grown, organic, fresh, healthy & delicious.

That was a tiny glimpse of a portion of the fair. Parts not shown include animals,
medicinal herb tents, folk tradtions & crafts, contemporary crafts, 
children's activities & forestry demonstrations.