Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Common Ground Fair 2: Photos

The Common Ground Fair  
(see the previous post for a description of the fair.)

Tents everywhere...
Sweet Annie is the signature scent at the Fair.
It wafts through the air, everywhere, as people buy bundles.

Plain bundles or mixed bouquets. 
A young farmer & a brand new fairgoer with her grandmother.
The fair is for all generations.

Displays are visual masterpieces.
 A Communal Weaving expresses the 
spirit of community & creativity.

A scarecrow for your organic garden.
Crops from a horse powered farm.
Horse powered rides.
A parade of human powered vehicles.
 Lots of handmade natural products 
at the marketplace.
And lots of colors at the special fiber marketplace.
If Sweet Annie is the signature scent,
 then perhaps the fiddle is the signature instrument.

I've heard that some people go to the Fair for the food. 
Locally grown, organic, fresh, healthy & delicious.

That was a tiny glimpse of a portion of the fair. Parts not shown include animals,
medicinal herb tents, folk tradtions & crafts, contemporary crafts, 
children's activities & forestry demonstrations. 


  1. Oh I love this kind of event! I would have liked being there with you !

  2. I would love to attend an event like this--all the colors, sounds, smells! It would be food for the soul as well as the body. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  3. You certainly captured the 'spirit' of this wonderful fair. The BEST in my eyes.

  4. I would go to admire everything..How cute is that fiddler?
    Lovely shots..Will you paint the pumpkins? That blueish one is outstanding:)
    So much to see..

  5. Wonderful pictures of this fair. I have Sweet Annie growing in my garden and this reminded me to get it picked and hung before old man winter moves in. Your photos were just so nice to see. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Rita, I think your photos are great -- you captured the feeling of the market wonderfully. The yarns are spectacular along with the variously colored pumpkins. The atmosphere and colors of the booths were earthy. Oh, and the natural wax candle were lovely. Can't say enough good things about this market! thanks for sharing -- barbara

  7. I so wish I could have been there with you! Thanks for the visit through your photographs.

  8. We weren't able to go, so I esp. appreciate your taking us along w/pics . . . And I'm not familiar with Sweet Annie, but love the name, and will now seek it . . . xx


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