Monday, October 6, 2014

Seawall, Mount Desert Island

Seawall, composed of granite & loose boulders,
 is on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island. 

After hiking up Flying Mountain,
 where we had sat on a rock looking down 
toward Cranberry Island, 
we now sat on a boulder at ground level, 
looking in the same direction.

It was a glorious September day.


  1. "Flying Mountain" , "Cranberry Island".. names that make dream, like a story of exploration and adventures!
    PS : look at my post october, 3..

  2. One is never at a loss in Acadia. Paints, cameras... action!

  3. Love the reflections Rita..I love the names too..They sound like a vacation to me..Or a children's mystery novel:)

  4. Rita -- I can sense your day with the water and boulders -- the kind of day I love and wish I had more time to enjoy. Need to practice to take more time to spend out in nature. In KY I spent everyday in nature but in the city it can be difficult with all the loud sounds of traffic. Calming sketch. -- barbara

  5. Hi Rita, I'm interested in purchasing the rights to use one of your beautiful sketches. Do you ever do that? Please contact me at Thanks so much, Renee

  6. You take the best advantage of weather and scene. . . xx


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