Monday, May 27, 2013

Away for Awhile

I'm involved in some other projects,
so I won't be able to add posts for awhile. 
I'm leaving a selection of drawings from the Maine & the France series,
most of which have sold.
 South Portland
Maine Coast
South Portland
Scarborough Marsh

From the Vegetable Series

Dear Readers, I so appreciate you!
(I'll continue to be open for comments
& will try to leave comments on your blogs!)

See you soon, I hope! A bientôt, j'espère! Do zobaczenia!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Québec City Illustrated

The Théâtre Capitole de Québec is one of the most imaginative examples of architecture in Quebec City. Its colors were dazzling during our visit: golds, oranges & carmines with green accents against a brilliant blue sky. Apparently this building was in a decline for a time, but now it not only hosts fantastic shows, but it is designated as a historic Canadian monument.
I've only recently learned to look up, in my own city as well as when I'm travelling. This tower is the highest point you see when you are looking up from the Marché de Vieux Port, the indoor market of local farmers & entrepreneurs at river bank level (the Saint Lawrence)  to the colline, the hill on which much of Quebec City is situated. 
Walking down the hill to the Marché we spotted some old style buildings that contrasted sharply to the modern construction that surrounds them. They seemed a bit lost in the midst of modernity. They are "holdouts". Perhaps they are a bit like me...