Thursday, June 18, 2020

Still Sewing Not Sketching

Large square coasters and:
Fabric Buckets or Baskets!! 
 So easy to learn from video tutorials by
Jean Truelove 
(she offers quality instruction
plus entertainment, 
she is full of personality!)
And Treasurie
(she offers a quick & clear tutorial,
excellent to refer back to as often as one needs.
...which is often, in my case...)

Use them as pretty containers, make as gifts...
They remind me of Origami, going from a flat
material to a 3D object. 
Isn't it magical, what humans come up with! 

Still sewing not sketching.
It's all good.
(Except the part about having the moth rash 
& fly bites.)

Remedy: Stay in & sew!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Still Quilting (#3 in a series)

Still working on the little quilt rather than sketching...
The current stage: 9 blocks ready to join...
I need the sticky notes to remember the layout.
Border to be added and a backing...
Maybe some embroidery....probably not sashing...

Preceding stages: I love the evolution!

My sewing room work space has been evolving.
An "office" corner with my card table from high school!

The day bed for laying out work, a drying rack for fabric.
The little, foldable plastic white table cost $10.
I'll be able to carry it with me 
when Sketchbook Wandering!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying being a plant 
indoors and out. 
Not a Gardener, not a Quilter, 
but being Homebound (mostly)
makes me an Enjoyer 
of these things!

The next project has already begun,
it happened on its own with leftover squares. 
I'm still using up what I've learned is called
my "stash." My fabric scraps from before.
Again, I'm grateful to You Tube sewing & quilt instructions.
And for tips & inspiration from my friend Beth at
Sew Sew Art. Click here for her blog.
Click right here for the YouTube video that 
inspired the "Crazy Log Cabin" style.