Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Card, The (Happy) Distraction

I have a post going in my head about Cezanne. Very excited to share.
But, it will have to wait. There are Halloween cards to be made. 

THE PROCESS, going backwards:
Partway through adding color.
The Drawing.
 The initial sketch on scrap paper. It is free & loose, isn't it?
Walking photo tour 2 weeks ago for architectural reference.

I'd have to ask permission to sketch these houses...
Maybe, someday I will have the confidence.
In the meantime, I borrow a detail here & there...

 Happy Halloween Season!


  1. LOVE that card! it is happy and bright, yet fallish - not spooky like most halloween cards. :)

  2. I'd certainly love to be the receiver of a truly lovely card like that.
    I love your loose sketchy style.

  3. Nice walk through your sketching process -- wonderful results. One does not need permission to photograph a house from public property be it either a public sidewalk or public road. If you wanted a photo to sketch from I think you would be fine to just shoot one from your car window while out on the road. Of course if you feel funny doing that it might be best to ask. I have rarely been turned when I am out taking photographs. Good post -- barbara

  4. The house in your drawing is much colorful and welcoming than the real ones! :o)
    No Halloween here, only a very few pumkins, and I regret it, as I like very much the colors and the celebration!

  5. Ten sam dom, ale inne kolory na nim i już inny widok. Dynie na obu pięknie je zdobią, ale i tak bardziej podoba mi się pierwszy szkic. Trzeba prosić o pozwolenie naszkicowania domu, to trochę dziwne dla mnie. Chociaż z drugiej strony, dom jest prywatny. Pozdrawiam serdeczne

  6. Oh me too I love your style.
    This is a lovely posy.:-)
    Were you always good at Sketchbook Wanderings?
    I received an envelope in the mail from france a few yes back..from a pen pal..blog pal artist..sometimes your styles harmonize so well together it is uncanny.
    Your neighborhood is charming..
    I look forward to your posts.

  7. Love the card and as always the process . . . Do you really need permission to draw/paint a house? xx

  8. Yours could not be more charming . I want to move in!

  9. Your neighbourhood houses look delightful! To sketch them would be wonderful.....one day.

  10. You're kinder than I. I'd just paint away! Public domain, I say.

  11. I wondered the same thing as Sharon. Is permission necessary to sketch a domain? I can understand about permission with people, but I had not considered it with places.

  12. Thank you Rita for your lovely kind comments on my recent post sharing my painting sketches. Your idea of painting cards sounds like a great idea, let me know how you want to do this, perhaps you have other followers like me who need a little push to paint more often . I do have an email address which is shown.

  13. I so love your style of sketching. I am trying to achieve a more relaxed, urban style of drawing. Thanks for showing your step process.


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