Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time to Explore

I've been exploring new directions. A wise friend suggests that there are times when our art process must take us inward & must benefit from being private. In the meantime, it's nice to look back on a body of work...
 I look back to my old beloved home...
 on the edge of Casco Bay...
 And to my new home...
in such a beautiful area of the world... 
 I look back to my trips to France...Will there be another?
So where am I going with my art?
Picasso writes:
"Si l’on sait exactement ce qu’on va faire, à quoi bon le faire ?" 
My interpretation: 
"If one knows exactly what one is going to do, then why do it?" 
It's OK not to know for the moment.

Between my explorations & several projects with deadlines, it's  time for a blog pause. Have a great summer!


  1. I ask myself a lot... where am I going period. Some days just get up and go. Heading out towards Grafton Notch on a .day adventure.'

  2. I will miss you!
    Are you sure?
    I wish you a wonderful summer..But I will miss all your sketches and watercolors..and kind words.

  3. s usual, I love your watercolor sketches AND Casco Bay. I anxiously await your return after exploration!!

  4. Whatever direction you take, it will be a worthwhile journey. Enjoy the break!

  5. i hope you enjoy your break and find lots of creativity.

  6. Oh, I will miss you if you blog-pause. . . so may have to track you down in the real world. This selection of paintings is so appealing and such a beautiful record of places you have been and loved. Wherever you go in your art, there must be more, more, more of it. xx

  7. Please remember to come back! While I am pining away for new posts and sketches to drool over, I suppose I will just have to start at the very beginning and read my way back here! Enjoy your respite. I look forward to hearing from you again in the fall!

  8. Enjoy every minute dear Rita! Can't wait to see what creative discoveries emerge. No matter whether they do or don't, just go with it. Everybody needs to take breaks when it comes to being creative. You will be missed. In the meantime, I shall try to keep dabbling with my watercolors and see where it takes me. Huge hugs!

  9. Rita -- Have a great blog pause -- barbara

  10. It's always great to look back at drawings! I love your use of colour, and line, especially that drawing of the French street! Hope you enjoy your break :)

  11. Oh, so beautiful, Rita. Hope you enjoy your break.


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