Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Practice of Calligraphy

Sample sheets given to me by a master calligrapher/teacher.
The coloring and notes are mine.

The practice can be calming & satisfying.
But it can be frustrating, for one who is not
naturally gifted at it.

Gaye Godfrey Nicholls writes in Mastering Calligraphy:

"Calligraphers revel in the sensual, sinuous 
& arch elegance of italic..."

is about discovering the pleasure 
of watching pigments in water meet, 
fall in love, 
& create new colors on paper..."

"You watch your own hand take over & create the forms
for which you have striven for so long. "

It takes practice, she writes. Maybe 3 years, maybe 7...
It takes persistence & patience. (I say.) 
Here, perfection is sought, not just progress.
 They say to set up a center where you can leave 
your practice work out & practice everyday.
I do.
Still, I am not perfect.
I may never be. It takes acceptance.
Inbetween writing the letter "a" over & over
on lined paper,
trying to get it to be consistent,
one can play with some letter designs.
Even if the letters haven't been mastered.
It gives one something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, one can take a little break from the concentration
& precision, & play at making seasonal decorations.