Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Chaos of Unfinished Projects

I  attended a weeklong Book Arts Course at the University.
So many super workshops with accomplished artists: 
"Letters to the Page", a workshop on calligraphy as related
to the art book, began with mark making, 
loosening up on giant paper.
My cup of tea, spontaneous, direct.

 "Comics-Based Narrative Workshop":
Triggered lots of spontaneous story ideas 
& an awareness of the art of the graphic novel.
"Cross Structure Bindings" taught hand sewing!
Not spontaneous & direct, but: 
I loved the calm & orderly process. Not chaotic!

"Printed Patterns & Accordion Books"!! 
Making large sheets using childhood crayon resist, 
but this time it was
a white China Marker under Daniel Smith watercolors!
Above, I created small panels outside of class.
(But that accordion is unfinished.)
I had a makeshift studio in my home away from home
during the week on one simple card table.
It was easier to focus, no bills, paperwork, dishes or laundry.
 In my own home my dining area has become my workspace. (It's my favorite space in the house.) 
And now the work is spreading to the living area!  Arghhh!

 It may not look that chaotic (I spiffied it up for the photos
the way you clean for guests), 
but my unfinished final project for the class exhibition, 
& other projects, are everywhere! 
My unfinished wildflower book...so little left to do,
and yet I am stuck...
And there are so many other ideas
that haven't even begun to materialize on paper
but are swimming around in my brain.

Wouldn't the solution be to move the work
to a separate studio space?
Not sure, because a lot of the unfinished chaos 
seems to be in my head.

Sketching: One reason I love it: 
It's my direct, spontaneous response.
I don't deliberate & agonize over too many ideas & choices.  

Oh, Dear Readers, please give me some tips for
escaping this stuckness,
because I just want to finish my 3 handmade books!