Monday, December 21, 2020

Retrospective of Blog Posts: 2020

Looking back through my blog posts in 2020. 
The year was defined by the pandemic.
I am guessing 2021 will not be drastically different with 
attention & activities close to home. 
I like the way my art practice has been evolving 
with fewer distractions.
At the same time, I miss exploring the world out there...
And I am saddened by the illness & death
& do not take my own health for granted.

Jan. 2020. The last time I sketched in a café, before shutdown. 

In Jan. I kept a thumbnail visual journal.

Valentine's Day, 2020. 
A friend & I sketched flowers that I'd received. 
Before the quarantining began.

March 4. Last trip to Boston. 
I unconsciously knew that this would be the last time for awhile.
I didn't know just how long it would be though.

March 15. Life changed.  
The arrival of Covid, restrictions & fear.
 I drew grocery store maps for practical reasons: 
to get in & out fast.

The colors & cloth inspired me...

So I got out my sewing machine, organized a sewing center
 & learned more about stitching & working with cloth.

April. I enjoyed working on Pocket/Envelope folios & books,
inspired by Robinsunne & Amy from the 
Library Art Journal Group. 
I'm still enjoying making them.

The group started meeting on Zoom. 
I'm grateful that we've been able to continue. 
A creative spark during what can sometimes be a bleak time.

In May I started going again 
on outdoor excursions with the Sketchers.
 Camden Library park.
We don't meet now that cold weather has set in.

May:  I started watching online Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. 
I enjoyed learning more about this art form.
The sets, costumes & pageantry are stunning!
They have the same appeal as fairy tales did in my childhood.
Above: Cinderella.

July: Weeklong Experimental Sketchbook 
University class via Zoom. 
I enjoyed pushing my drawing to to some new places 
The Zoom grid became a prevalent motif.

August: Short, local car rides became 
as exciting as former longer trips had been.

September. Sketching with Sketchers 
& on my own in local gardens. 
Pockets of bliss.

September: With Sketchers at the local historic cemetary. Sunlight, autumn colors
& shadows were stunning that day. 

Sketchers went to the Rail Trail, just a few miles out of town.
There is a "sancutary" with a picnic table off the trail
overlooking the river. Safely away from other walkers. 

October. I learned a lot more about journaling including 
organizational aspects in the Dot or Bullet Journaling mode. 
Above: Food & Fitness Journal, Daily Journal, 
Music & Dance Journals. 

Today: I focus on my private journals,
experimenting & exploring, 

Looking back, what do I miss the most? 
Wandering out in the world with my sketchbook.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Energy Confined: Two Stages

Energy Confined: 
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Stage 1
Energy Designed & Confined: 
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