Monday, December 21, 2020

Retrospective of Blog Posts: 2020

Looking back through my blog posts in 2020. 
The year was defined by the pandemic.
I am guessing 2021 will not be drastically different with 
attention & activities close to home. 
I like the way my art practice has been evolving 
with fewer distractions.
At the same time, I miss exploring the world out there...
And I am saddened by the illness & death
& do not take my own health for granted.

Jan. 2020. The last time I sketched in a café, before shutdown. 

In Jan. I kept a thumbnail visual journal.

Valentine's Day, 2020. 
A friend & I sketched flowers that I'd received. 
Before the quarantining began.

March 4. Last trip to Boston. 
I unconsciously knew that this would be the last time for awhile.
I didn't know just how long it would be though.

March 15. Life changed.  
The arrival of Covid, restrictions & fear.
 I drew grocery store maps for practical reasons: 
to get in & out fast.

The colors & cloth inspired me...

So I got out my sewing machine, organized a sewing center
 & learned more about stitching & working with cloth.

April. I enjoyed working on Pocket/Envelope folios & books,
inspired by Robinsunne & Amy from the 
Library Art Journal Group. 
I'm still enjoying making them.

The group started meeting on Zoom. 
I'm grateful that we've been able to continue. 
A creative spark during what can sometimes be a bleak time.

In May I started going again 
on outdoor excursions with the Sketchers.
 Camden Library park.
We don't meet now that cold weather has set in.

May:  I started watching online Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. 
I enjoyed learning more about this art form.
The sets, costumes & pageantry are stunning!
They have the same appeal as fairy tales did in my childhood.
Above: Cinderella.

July: Weeklong Experimental Sketchbook 
University class via Zoom. 
I enjoyed pushing my drawing to to some new places 
The Zoom grid became a prevalent motif.

August: Short, local car rides became 
as exciting as former longer trips had been.

September. Sketching with Sketchers 
& on my own in local gardens. 
Pockets of bliss.

September: With Sketchers at the local historic cemetary. Sunlight, autumn colors
& shadows were stunning that day. 

Sketchers went to the Rail Trail, just a few miles out of town.
There is a "sancutary" with a picnic table off the trail
overlooking the river. Safely away from other walkers. 

October. I learned a lot more about journaling including 
organizational aspects in the Dot or Bullet Journaling mode. 
Above: Food & Fitness Journal, Daily Journal, 
Music & Dance Journals. 

Today: I focus on my private journals,
experimenting & exploring, 

Looking back, what do I miss the most? 
Wandering out in the world with my sketchbook.


  1. What did you do in November? LOL....Seriously it was fun looking back at your so very creative year in review....a charming post in this time of necessary isolation...making the most of your free time...Cheers and here's to a better year ahead for us all....God willing....

  2. What a wonderful post, Rita. I really like how you were able to follow your year through the different activities, styles and media you used. The sketches are still my favorite. The Zoom meetings sound like a wonderful want to connect and create. Let's hope we can all wander out in the world a bit more in 2021. Merriest Christmas week to you!

  3. I SOOOOO LOVE YOUR JOURNALS -- and loved going thru 2020 with you! I still am finishing up my year of smallies, though I have to admit I have stopped posting them just due to the Covid inertia that seems to have overwhelmed me. But this holiday season, I'm sketching a bit and hope that 2021 is much better for all of us. Thank you always for inspiring me, Rita --- sending love hugs and good wishes for this holiday season and the New Year.

  4. Meilleurs voeux Rita:) And thank you for this peek into your fabulous creative world!

  5. Your sketches make 2020 look much better.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. You are amazing, creative, ordered, focused: a real inspiration. Much happiness to you in 2021--to us all.

  7. Rita so enjoyed seeing your year's review. Journals and sketching practices are a wonderful way to remind us of challenging times and that there were many blessings in the midst of hard times. Wishing you a much happier 2021. Hugs!

  8. Even in a year of pandemic madness, you still have an awful lot of happy and beautiful memories. Happy New Year to you, and hope 2021 brings much happiness and a return to exploring.

  9. Oh 2...miss sketching with friends dinners out, traveling.....


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