Sunday, October 19, 2014

Accordion Card Gardens

Recently I had some fun with accordion folds on watercolor paper. These were cards for friends. 
Embroidery floss tied into each end wraps &  ties them into a gift waiting to be opened. You can fold them up into compact cards to fit in an envelope for mailing, and then, the receiver can arrange them to stand up prettily on a table top. 

I'm looking forward to a handmade book art time with a friend. Folded structures & pop-ups!
In the meantime, things have gotten busier in my life 
with some fun new work each week!


  1. These so work with watercolors.

  2. You will LOVE making 'books'!!

  3. So simple yet so lovely, I think that idea is somehing a lot of us will trying.

  4. That's a very lovely idea! And those gardrens are so joyful and colorful, I love them!
    PS Studied latin during 3 years , a long time ago . Forgot almost every thing , but still like t!

  5. What a lovely idea.
    Inspiring !
    Your friends must have loved them Rita.

  6. These are beautiful Rita! Add this to the list of things we need to do together someday.

  7. Oh I love the idea of your sketches on folds-ups. I wish I had your talent for such innovative ideas. Your handmade book art time with your friend sounds intriguing. I hope you share your ideas on creating this type of book. Good post. -- barbara

  8. I love these so much! I think all your work is beautiful!
    Can you please tell me how you make these? I would like to make some for some friends who recently lost relatives. It's been a very long, cold winter and they could use a touch of spring. Just some simple instructions would be great. Thank you so much!


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