Thursday, October 9, 2014

Landscape Season in Maine

It's Landscape Season in Maine!
Vibrant colors outdoors 
create vibrant energy within.

 I've had inquiries about selling my work online & about selling rights. At this time I don't sell online. All of my work is copyrighted & may not be used without my written permission. I appreciate the requests & if in the future I decide to sell, I will post notification here on Sketchbook Wandering. Thank you for your interest!


  1. This is how in looks now in Washingtoo too...just a hint of warm tones to complement the cool. Such a colorful palette!

  2. Can feel that vibrancy . . . and energy . . . xx

  3. Beautiful! I've gotten away from painting, but back in my painting days fall colors were a major source of inspiration.

  4. Ah -- you must be in your glory sketching all of autumn in your area. Like the ones you included on this post! -- barbara

  5. These are very nice. Fall Downeast is right here.


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