Monday, December 3, 2018

Indiana's Love Sculpture at the Farnsworth

I naturally chose the Farnsworth Art Museum when
The Sketch Group asked me to organize an excursion.
Pencil only allowed. We sat on stools lent by the museum.
I've always loved Robert Indiana's Love Sculpture.
But sitting down to draw it made it so much more interesting!

When Indiana got tired of the frenzy of the NY art scene,
he retreated to Maine, to an island near Rockland.
So the museum has a strong connection 
to Indiana & his art. 
It's a dream subject for drawing with a focus on 
 proportion, value & negative space, 
the beauty of letters, words & type. 
The meaning seems simple, but for Indiana it
was an expression of more complex ideas.
Eventually the LOVE image became a burden to Indiana.
"A mix between graphic design & high art,"
 said graphic artist Milton Glaser. 
But it was criticized because of its commercial appeal. 
Indiana didn't obtain a copyright, 
hence, many people have plagerized & altered it. 
But, his authentic versions are all over the world,
including Rockland, Philadelphia, Washington DC, &, Indiana. 


  1. I've seen the Philadelphia version but I think I like yours best of all!

    Thanks for coming by and the catch-up. I'm the one behind now. Always good to visit you here. Your sketch is really impressive to me.

  2. L O V E your pencil sketch . . .
    line, angle, light, darker

  3. I LOVE that also!
    Wouaou..c'est beau ton travail!

  4. Wow Rita - your pencil sketch is amazing. I had never read about Indiana - so happy you shared your knowledge of this great artist. Sad to read he never obtained the copyright that he so deserved. Hope you are having a delightful Dec. day. Hugs!

  5. That would be a good piece to sketch. I love how sketching something brings it more alive, when we take the time to really look at it.

  6. LOVE the LOVE sculpture and your pencil rendering is LOVEly as well!!

  7. Sketching the LOVE sculpture seems challenging -- your results are so fine. xx


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