Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tis the Season for Color

I love playing with bright colors at this time of year.
I made a chain of 70 Origami birds for 
a friend's 70th birthday which she hung in her window.
My new "Art Bin" box.
I bought it at a local art shop 
It has replaced my old broken paintbox.
I transferred my half pans & made a new color chart. 
See what it can do. More painted collages.
Some are for gifts, some for a new show.
And then, there is the contrast of the winter outdoors.
Cold, dark & muted colors.
It is soft & beautiful & restful.
An advent calendar with over-the-top glitter!!
I bought it at a local bookstore.

Merry & bright, somber & dark. 
They are opposed, but they complement each other nicely. 


  1. Loving the COLOR . . .
    The Origami bird chain is wonderful . . .

  2. I love your new art work and especially my 70 birds!!

  3. Te deseo una mágica y maravillosa Navidad con tu familia y amigos.

    Un saludo desde Salamanca.

  4. LOVE the bright colors esp of the origami birds!!!A lovely gift for a Winter bday!! The advent calendar is colorful but I hate glitter!!!

  5. Witam. Bardzo mi miło, że myślałaś o mnie. Uwielbiam żywe kolory, ale i zimowy pejzaż mi się bardzo podoba. Mam nadzieję, że miło spędzasz Święta Bożego Narodzenia.Ja wczoraj i przedwczoraj spędzałam czas z dziećmi i siostrą. Niech 2019 rok będzie wspaniały dla Ciebie. :)))

  6. Oh Rita, everything in this post makes my heart sing! New box for paints, the glorious advent calendar and especially the origami birds and your painting! Biggest sigh! Yes, tis the season for bright colors. All winter is, in my book. You really need them then!

    Thanks for all your visits to my blog in the past few days. I know it's a super busy time (in fact, I've been off the grid since last Friday, going hither and yon and trying to rest up in-between!) So I hope it was all super-merry and happy and that the festivities will continue into the new year. I look forward to being inspired by more of your art in 2019 and just wish I was in Maine or you in Michigan so we could sketch together! Cheers!

  7. Luv luv luv the origami bird chain! Luv the bright colors and am hungry for them! Thank you. xx

  8. What a wonderful gift. I'm sure it lifts your friend's spirits every time she looks at it. I love the new paintbox--it makes me want to dip my waterbrush in and play.


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