Saturday, November 16, 2019

Back to Sketching in my Small Town

I haven't been sketching much, 
but went out early in November.
How I still love the meditative quality,
the discoveries. We Sketchers met on Main St.
Even though there was a cold breeze, 
I was warmed by the sun on my bench 
outside of Fiddleheads, the Art Shop.
So interesting to see the parade of costumed passersby!
Traci's diner across the street. Traditional egg & pancake breakfasts. I used to love going there, 
but my diet has changed. 
Two of the Sketchers were there, observing out the windows.
A town planning board meeting at City Hall 
about new building construction. 
I had very little idea of what they were talking about, 
property taxes, Tiff's, zoning, 
but it's nice that it was open to the public. 
And I enjoyed some sketching.
This Slicci pen makes the skinniest line 
of any pen that I've ever used. 
I love it, except it 
doesn't reproduce well.
In the meantime, my show is over, 
but I donated two 5 X 7 pieces to the local church 
where it took place. For their Christmas sale.
I love this small town life.


  1. Thanks Rita. I always love looking at your sketching.

  2. I am a small town life girl who loves it and your art so much:)

  3. So lovely and wonderful to see your sketches again!

  4. As always, love to see your sketches. They feel small town life should be.

  5. Rita - such a delight to see your sketches and read about your small town life. Makes me think I may have stepped into the Bob Newhart show that took place in Vermont many years ago :)! Did you watch that show? It was a favorite of mine. Hugs!

  6. I'm so glad you are back. I love all of these and your wonderful art. That diner made me so happy, with its sweet flower boxes and your floral pieces are lovely. What a generous gift you made. I had a great sale last weekend and now am trying to finish orders and get to work on the holidays. You're inspiring me!

  7. Love small town life and your view of it via these charming sketches!!

  8. Hi Rita, A quick answer to your question on my blog post -- Do I mail out a lot? Well, this year, yes! I never have before all that much, but it seems to be a very good year! If people ask, I send them a pdf and they let me know and we go from there. Hope that helps!

  9. Simply delightful! So glad you are back to sketching and sharing! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  10. How about posting something fr yr small town SVP🙏🏻
    Nice sketches btw 👏👏👏

  11. As always, love to see your 'small' town through your eyes. You capture it so gently.


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