Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Portland Museum of Art: Piece Work

1st image, similiar to a series of "wall hanging drawings" that I created years ago, is my response to what I saw at the Portland Museum of Art this weekend. The 2nd is Jason Rogene's "Stargazer", a vast wall sculpture made from polystyrene foam inserts & back lights. (The foam inserts are otherwise known as throw-away-junk.)

The biennial show at the museum has a theme this year,  "built around labor, repetition & production." Many of the works involve repetitious patterns & meticulous marks or forms. It is a show more for the brain than for the heart.

To read about it, click HERE. Interesting how the pendulum can swing from expressionistic modes to more linear, tight & compartmentalized ones. Some of the works in this group reveal, well, in my opinion, obsessive compulsive tendencies. The true fine artist has to have some of that OC wiring in order to create the products that he or she creates with amazing patience & persistence.

Influences of technology are reflected in many of the works, both subtly, & more obviously. Some of the hand rendered drawings resemble computer generated designs & perhaps the computer has a large role in their creation. Technology makes its presence humorously & aesthetically in Rogene's sculpture.

Always the question: Did you like the show? Can't say. It was easy to detach & to just find it interesting, especially in terms of how it reflects our culture...to detach & to marvel at the precision with which a lot of it was produced. 


  1. As you write, interesting, but maybe not "touching" or moving".I want art to make me dream, and here I don't.I may admire the way things are made, but I'm not feeling them with my heart. No emotion, only reflexion.But sometimes , it's usefull too.:o)
    Have a nice and creative day!

  2. I guess I would look at the art show as mostly just high tech art -- a type that doesn't quite fit many folk's opinions of art -- this is not now! But sooner or later it will be considered art in the finest sense -- my opinion. -- barbara

  3. Ktoś kto stworzył to dzieło z pewnością był bardzo kreatywny, ale ja wolę patrzeć na realne obrazy. Ten można tylko podziwiać za włożoną pracę i pomysłowość. Przepraszam, że nie zaglądałam, ale nie było mnie tydzień w domu. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  4. foam inserts - interesting! i like your wallhanging sketch.

  5. I have to be moved:) I do..
    Your wallhanging reminds me of a perfect potager:)
    It's what we see and love that matters..:)


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