Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Acadia: Eastern Side Off Season

Acadia National Park: Glorious Saturday afternoon along the Park Loop Road..During tourist season the road is packed with cars & buses. But November, aaaaaah, off season, barely a car in sight! There's a walking path that follows the eastern side of Mount Desert Island where we stopped from time to time before taking a short hike up Gorham Mountain. Of course I'm not unique in this, but this island is as close as I come to being in heaven on earth. Youthful, powerful energy, health, grace, renewal, spirit, love, it's all there , within & without.


  1. You always sound so happy:)
    A pleasure to visit..
    I love that feeling that happens once in a while where you feel you are in heaven on earth.
    Your sketch lines and paint additions aare always spot on!

  2. Rita -- Arcadia would be my kind of place to walk if I lived near it. I liked the words you used to explain the feeling of the place. Off season is the time to visit such places as I try to do when taking in a tourist place. Your watercolor takes in the feeling you express and the earthy colors of autumn. Nice! -- barbara

  3. Patrzą na Twój śliczny szkic myślę, że to urocze miejsce. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  4. When tourists are finall away, we can re-discover our places and enjoy them .And Acadia seems perfect for that : through your eyes, it really looks like paradise on earth..

  5. I have walked this same place...but with many more people present. I would love to savor it in relative solitude.


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